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Whether you’re installing a system in an existing home or looking for a system to be installed in your new construction, MidTenn Alarms can create a custom solution that is easy to access and manage through your smartphone.

Why have us pre-wire your home construction?

  1. Cost Efficiency: Pre-wiring a home for security features during construction is typically more cost-effective than retrofitting or adding wiring after the construction is completed. The installation can be done more easily and quickly when walls are still open and accessible. This saves on labor costs and reduces the need for additional materials or modifications.
  2. Seamless Integration: Pre-wiring allows for a seamless integration of security components into your home’s structure and design. Wires can be concealed within the walls, floors, or ceilings, providing a clean and professional look without visible cables or exposed wiring. This integration ensures that security features are unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing.
  3. Future-Proofing: Pre-wiring a home for security features during construction allows for future expansion and upgrades. Even if you don’t initially install a comprehensive security system, the pre-installed wiring provides the flexibility to add or upgrade components later without significant disruption or additional construction work. This future-proofing ensures that your home can easily adapt to evolving security needs or technological advancements.
  4. Enhanced Security Coverage: Pre-wiring enables the installation of a comprehensive security system that covers multiple areas of your home effectively. The wiring can be strategically placed to accommodate security cameras, sensors, and other devices in optimal locations for maximum coverage and effectiveness. This ensures that all critical areas, entry points, and vulnerable spots are adequately protected.
  5. Simplified Installation Process: During construction, MidTenn Alarms can work closely with builders and contractors to coordinate the pre-wiring process. This collaboration ensures that our security requirements are considered and integrated seamlessly with other wiring and infrastructure. MidTenn Alarms can be your liaise with your construction team to ensure that the wiring is properly installed and positioned in line with security best practices.
  6. Streamlined Activation and Setup: When the construction is complete and you’re ready to activate your MidTenn Alarms security system, having pre-wired components simplifies the activation and setup process. We can easily connect and configure our security devices to the pre-installed wiring, reducing installation time and ensuring a smooth transition to an operational security system.
  7. Increase Your Home’s Value: Pre-wiring a home for security features can add value to the property. Potential homebuyers often prioritize homes that are pre-wired for security, as it demonstrates the property’s readiness for advanced security systems. The presence of pre-wired security features can make your home more attractive to buyers and potentially increase its resale value.

Overall, having MidTenn Alarms pre-wire your home for security features during construction offers cost efficiency, seamless integration, future-proofing, enhanced security coverage, simplified installation, and increased home value. It’s a proactive and strategic approach to ensure that your home is well-equipped to meet your security needs both now and in the future.

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